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Introduction  This section is devoted to those many collectors who have written to me saying "I want to start a nutcracker collection, but I don't know how to begin."  So I thought I would offer some suggestions to the beginning collector.  These pages will be devoted to the wooden-toy figural nutcrackers which are so popular with collectors today.  Collecting antique nutcrackers will be discussed in a later chapter. 
    Remember, this is YOUR collection, so you need to buy those nutcrackers that appeal the most to you, ones that you will enjoy having in your home.  Study them, and you will get a feel of the artisans.  you may want to collect only those from one maker, or a theme that comes from several makers.  For example you may want to collect only traditional Soldiers, or Santas, or Fisherman and Hunters if you like the outdoors. Or you may want to buy different nutcrackers for different seasons, or ones that relate to members of your family.
    Some people say you should start with a king, then all those that serve the king...guard, cook, hunter, etc.  But this is not necessary.  Your tastes and your budget should determine which nutcrackers to buy.
    Some makers form a series such as the Nutcracker Ballet Series and feature the characters from the ballet, but again, it is not necessary for you to collect a whole series unless you truly like them, and if your budget will stand it!


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